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Academic Classroom Report (ACR)

Teachers: Click button to enter the Athletic Classroom Report Form for all student athletes. The report will be sent to the Athletic Director, Coach Nations.

Head Coach by Sport

Football – Jeff Nations
Volleyball – Arlene Stroud
Boy’s Basketball – Brian Courtney
Girl’s Basketball – Suzanne Davis
Baseball – Sonny Garcia
Softball – Daryl Bell
Boy’s Soccer – Jed Garner
Girl’s Soccer – Chris McComb
Golf – Bobby Holsinger
Tennis – Kevin Davis
Cross Country – Michael Asbill
Boy’s Track – Quinn Wood
Girl’s Track – Rob Davis

Contact Information

Dayton High School
3200 North Cleveland
Dayton, Texas 77535

School Hours: 7:02 - 2:35

Phone: 936-258-2510
Fax: 936-257-4047

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